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Dr. Bonnie has helped me so much with my chronic back and hip issues. I have been to several chiropractors over the past 23 years and Dr. Bonnie by far is the best at her trade. She is gentle yet manipulates in a way to treat the issue. Dr. Bonnie treats my children, as well, for their sports injuries. Her office is professional yet quaint. She makes you feel comfortable and does not have an open adjusting room, your adjustments are done in the treatment room in privacy. Dr Bonnie has always seen me the day I reach out to schedule, I never have to wait. She has even done emergency visits for me after hours and on the weekend. She is a kind hearted chiropractor with healing hands. My back, hip and tense neck thank you Dr. Bonnie. 😊 Regards, Sara Cooper


Dr. Bonnie definitely has healing hands. There has never been a time that she has adjusted me that I didn't feel an amazing relief the next day. She really takes her time and devotes her full attention and expertise on you. I like the experience of going to a small chiropractic office where I feel as a patient that I really matter. I'm so glad we have someone like Dr. Bonnie around.


Dr. Bonnie is very caring and loves her patients. She has many years of experience and just recently moved to PA and opened her own practice. I take my kids to her also and she is very patient with them. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to find a chiropractor. We love Dr. Bonnie!


As a student-athlete, my back can get out of whack after a while but whenever I get the chance to come back to my hometown, I make sure I come see Dr. Bonnie. She keeps my back in check and she is always so warm and friendly.

Dr. Bonnie is the best Chiropractor I know and if you are ever nearby, try her. She is fantastic

Jeanne Slawson

"I was blessed to find Bonnie! Not only is she a warm and lovely being, but she is a wonderful Dr. Of Chiropractic medicine. Bonnie would be a great choice to help you reduce pain and better ambulate."

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